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XMax V3 Pro Dry Herb Vaporizer

XMax V3 Pro Dry Herb Vaporizer

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Introducing the XMax V3 Pro 2023.08 Latest Version: Innovation Redefined

Product Highlights:

On-Demand Vapor: The latest version, arriving in 2023.08, redefines your vaporization experience with on-demand vapor production, ensuring you can enjoy it whenever you desire.

Precise Convection Heating: Equipped with full convection heating technology, this device reaches your desired temperature range of 100°C to 220°C in just 15 seconds, guaranteeing an efficient and enjoyable experience.

Clean Vapor Path: Your vaping experience is elevated with an isolated vapor path that ensures purity and a clean taste with every inhale.

Magnetic Mouthpiece with Scraping Tool: Enjoy the convenience of a magnetic mouthpiece, which also doubles as a handy scraping tool for easy maintenance and care.

Swappable 2600mAh Battery: Stay powered up and ready for your next session with a swappable 2600mAh battery, ensuring uninterrupted use.

USB-C Charging: Charge up with ease and speed, thanks to USB-C charging, providing a reliable power source for your device.

Versatile Wax Cup Included: Explore various vaping options with the included wax cup, perfect for indulging in your favorite concentrates.

Discover a new era of vaping with the 2023.08 Latest Version, where innovation meets ease of use for an unmatched vaporization experience.

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